She Becomes A Millionaire With € 2 Stake

With a bet of € 2, a woman left the Cabourg casino with the sum of € 1,254,331.58 in her pocket.

A dream come true

It’s a bit like any casino player’s dream. Go home, sit in front of your slot machine, insert a coin and come out 5 minutes later as a millionaire.

It was Ouest France which relayed the information, a woman became a millionaire at the Casino de Cabourg after having bet € 2.

The woman was a long-time casino customer, but not on a regular basis. And we can say that this Saturday, September 8 will remain engraved in his memory until the end of his days.

€ 1,254,331.58 was the sum of the “mégapot”, a kind of lottery which is connected between 200 machines in the casinos of the Partouche group . There is about one winner per year.

Thibault Langlois, the president of the casino, has also reported that this is the first millionaire from Cabourg.

He also wanted to clarify that this is an exceptional event since usually “a jackpot reaches between € 20,000 and € 40,000.”

Like what, you never know when luck will smile on you.